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Victoria Loren is Back (2021)

I know it’s been a very long time since we’ve done a workshop. Many of you have worked with Victoria in the past. She is great at self posing and flowing through a shoot. We will be doing this workshop a little bit differently. We will be breaking this into 2 separate workshops 2-hour workshops. Each session will be limited to 3 photographers. We will be shooting in timed rounds to ensure everyone has plenty of camera time. This will help limit the number of photographers in the studio. Other than taking a few photos off each set, the organizer will not be taking time from you. Victoria will be posing up to lingerie and implied topless. We will be shooting at a private studio in Robinson. For those who shot with Tancy, you know what I’m talking about. Each session is only $125. Victoria will be posing up to lingerie and implied nude.

Date: November 14th

1st session: 12-2

2nd session: 2:30-4:30

Both Sessions:  $225

Location: A boudoir studio in Robinson, TX. Only paid attendees will get the actual address.

Ok. Someone will ask, “can I sign up for both sessions?” Yes! 

We will be providing a non-commercial release. You can use the photos for the promotion of your work and portfolio.

We will be providing triggers to use. You will need to have a DSLR with a standard hot-shoe. Don’t forget to bring charged batteries and a memory card or 2.

You will get a full refund if:

-The model is unable to attend.

-There is inclement weather

-If you have to cancel during a sold-out event, but we can fill your spot, we will issue you a refund.

If you have an extraordinary circumstance, please reach out to us ASAP to see if we can come up with a solution.



Both Sessions

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